Hafez Brokerage Co. was incorporated in November 2004. The corporatecapital of the company amounts to IRR 100,000,000,000 all paid up. Our companyhas permits as follows:

Broker of Stock Exchange, OTC Exchange, Commodities Exchange, Energy  Exchange, Futures of Stock Exchange and CommoditiesExchange, and Portfolio Management;  consultantof supply and admittance in Stock Exchange, Commodities Exchange, EnergyExchange; and consultant or investment and Mutual funds.

Our company has 5 private halls in Tehran and 30 transaction stations acrossIran.

Shareholders of the company:

Ö  Sabin Business Group (52.5%)

Ö  Steel Personnel Protection & Pension Fund Institute(20.5%)

Ö  Mines & Metals Development Investment Co. (17.5%)

Ö  Other physical persons and legal entities (10%)

Status of the company in brokerage industry:

Ö  Rank A in Stock Exchange and Commodities Exchange on thebasis of the latest ranking by the Stock Exchange Organization.

Ö  Among 10 superior brokers in terms of volume of transactions(Stock Exchange, OTC Market and Commodities Exchange) exceeding IRR104,000,000,000,000 as indicated in the latest report of the year ending on20.03.2014.

Ö  Among 5 superior brokers in OTC Market.

Ö  Rank 3 in terms of micro-transactions and ordinary blockof the Stock Exchange.

Ö  Rank 8 in terms of online transactions of the StockExchange.

Ö  Among 10 superior brokers in the Commodities Exchange.

Ö  Rank 4 as regards futures of gold coins during the year1392 (ending on 20.03.2014).

Ö  Admittance consultant of more than 20 companies in thefields of petrochemical, steel, refinery, banks etc.

Ö  Supply consultant of more than 15 companies in the fieldsof rubber industries, petrochemical etc.

Ö  Admittance consultant of products of PetrochemicalCommercial Co.

Ö  Introducer Broker of the first company admitted by EnergyExchange for parallel futures of electricity and physical market.

Ö  Supplier of Behran Oil Co. Products in Energy Exchange.

Ö  Superior buyer broker of mineral and industrial products.

Ö  Superior broker with 2nd rank in purchase fromEsfahan Steel Mill Co.

Ö  Supplier of products of Petrochemical Commercial Co.,Behran Oil Co., Oroumieh Petrochemical Co. and Ilam Petrochemical Co. Both inthe Commodities and Energy Exchange.

Ö  Supplier broker of products of Esfahan Steel Mill Co.

Ö  Supplier broker of export bitumen, chemical and polymerproducts in the Commodities  Exchange.

Hadaf Hafez Investment Consulting Co.:

Hafez Brokerage Co. possesses 70% of the shares of Hadaf Hafez InvestmentConsulting Co. Enjoying skillful experts and specialty teams as well asappropriate experiences in the capital market, Hadaf Hafez InvestmentConsulting Co. is ready to provide active participants of the capital marketwith services as follows:

Ö  Training

Ö  Recommendation to purchase, sale or keeping stocks

Ö  Commenting about trends of prices or supply and demand ofstocks in future

Ö  Commenting about stock pricing

Ö  Consultation in the field of risk management

Ö  Consultation as regards merge, acquisition, alteration,organization and financial restructuring of companies

Ö  Consultation on design and formation of financialinstitutes

Ö  With an active website dealing with provision informationabout capital market, such as:

o    Latest developments and general news of markets

o    Analytical reports, both fundamental and technical

o    Valuation reports of shares, whether they are in theStock Exchange or not

o    Daily comprehensive reports analyzing markets andpredicting markets of next day

o    Comprehensive reports of companies admitted by the StockExchange

o    Reports about information of the system of publishers ofthe Stock Exchange

Hafez Mutual Fund:

Hafez Mutual Fund is an old renowned fund of the capital market being amongthe 10 superior funds of the capital market. The average Net Asset Value ofeach unit of Hafez Mutual Fund in the year 1392 (ending on 20.03.2014) had a returnof 152% as compared with those of the year 1391 (ending on 20.03.2013).

Admittance consultant:

Many corporations are trying to be admitted by one of the Stock Exchange orOTC markets to be benefited from the advantages and facilities of the capitalmarket. Hafez Brokerage Co., which enjoys specialty teams in the field ofconsultation of stock admittance, has so far introduced to the capital marketcompanies as follows:

Ö  Mamasani Petrochemical

Ö  Kazeroun Petrochemical

Ö  Sabanour Steel Raw Material Procurement

Ö  Dehdasht Petrochemical

Ö  Tat Bank

Ö  Iranian Investment Petrochemical Group

Ö  Lavan Oil Refinement

Ö  Golestan Petrochemical

Ö   LordeganPetrochemical

Ö  Arfa Iron & Steel

Ö  Iranian Leasing Co.

Supply consultant:

Public companies need to obtain permits from the Stock Exchange to increasetheir corporate capitals. Hafez Brokerage Co. provides services in thisconnection with preparation of justification reports and declarations ofcapital increase. The following companies succeeded to increase capitals in theStock Exchange with supply consultations provided by Hafez Brokerage Co.:

Ö  Sahand Rubber Industries

Ö  Petrochemical Transportation

Ö  Kermanshah Petrochemical

Ö  Dehdasht Petrochemical

Ö  Lordegan Petrochemical

Ö  Hekmatan Sugar

Ö  Iranian Investment Petrochemical Group


Headquarters Add.: No.9,Babak Bahrami Avenue,Valiasr Street(Before Niyayesh Highway),Tehran, Iran zip code: 1968657974

Phone: (+9821) - 83321000 

Hadaf Hafez Investment Consulting Co.: WWW.HADAFHAFEZ.IR

Hafez Brokerage Co.: WWW.HAFEZBOURSE.COM

Commodities Exchange of Hafez Brokerage Co.: WWW.HAFEZTRADE.COM